The Positive Living People

The Fusion Group brand exists to create thoughtful spaces, places and homes that enrich, enhance and inspire whoever lives within them.

Everything we do has been thoughtfully considered to help the end user get the most out of their experience in our developments. From beautifully designed living spaces to unrivalled facilities and focus on wellbeing and sustainability.

who we are

From bricks and mortar to homes and communities, Fusion Group is a family-owned business that aims to redefine the sector in a positive way.

We’re pioneers and leaders in our industry, finding ingenious and inventive ways to work with our partners and within our buildings. But we don’t do this at the expense of the environment, our people or our students.

Everything we do is underpinned with a kindness for others.


Thoughtful By Design​

We believe in attention to detail and won’t cut corners when it comes to the experience within our buildings.

We do this because we create ingenious spaces that facilitate effective and fulfilling living environments which can only come when you are considerate in your approach.

Happy by design

Positive people create positive spaces and that is exactly how Fusion Group do business.

We want to create environments that make end users feel optimistic about their own potential and carve out experiences that develop into opportunities for the future.

Sustainable By Design​

Fusion Group are responsible not because we have to be but because we want to be.

Our high standards extend to our approach to ESG (environmental, social, governance). As a business, we seek to act in a way that has a positive impact on the environment, communities we belong to and our employees.

We do this because it is the right thing to do and simply, the only sustainable way to act.


We act as a family and believe in treating others as you would like to be treated. 

That’s why supporting a number of different causes and giving back to our community is so important to us. 


Our Track Record

We’ve come a long way since starting out in 2013. From developing an exciting portfolio of places and welcoming new members into our team, to hosting launch events up and down the country, it’s all part of making the Fusion Group vision a reality across the UK.

Kinetic Portfolio Sale

Four assets in Cardiff, Hatfield, Sheffield and Swansea comprising 2,621 beds sold well in excess of the asking price of £315 million. 

September 2021
Building Completion and Opening

Cosmos, Sheffield (858 beds) open for students.

September 2021
Building Completion and Opening

Seren, Swansea (780 beds) open for students

September 2019
Building Completion and Opening
September 2019
Building Completion and Opening
Stellar Portfolio Sale

Four assets in Cardiff, Newcastle, Nottingham and Bristol sold for well above the asking price of £232 million.

September 2017
Building Completion and Opening
July 2017
Building Completion and Opening
October 2016
Building Completion and Opening
August 2016
Building Completion and Opening
September 2014
Building Completion and Opening
Curzon Point, Hatfield

Curzon Point, Hatfield (116 beds) open for students

September 2013
Building Completion and Opening
King Square Studios, Bristol

King Square Studios, Bristol (301 beds) open for students

The very beginning
Fusion Students is born

The concept of the Fusion Students brand is created by Co-Founders Warren Rosenberg and Nigel Henry.

The goal is to create accommodation that offers an unrivalled lifestyle for students studying at the top universities in the United Kingdom.